113ft wind turbine 400 metres from Ley Green

Welcome – Coyton application

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Right renewables, right locations
with lasting community benefit

We are a group of local residents from Ermington Parish and the surrounding parishes working together to ensure that right renewables and placed in the right locations and that they provide a lasting community benefit.

This echoes Government policy which requires a greater balance is given to the impact  on the landscape character, local support, heritage assets and visual amenity.  (Planning guidance (see page 6)

We also  believe that renewable companies should work with communities to develop sustainable schemes in keeping with local energy plans.

We are opposed to the Coyton Wind Turbine  (planning ref: 21/2689/13/F) which is currently in planning as the modest energy contribution (190,400kw/pa the equivalent of less than  60 homes)  does not outweigh the adverse and longstanding impacts the development will generate.

This  is  not a community wind turbineNone of the electricity will feed directly to local homes or farms. Fine Energy  have chosen not to consult with local communities at all.

1. Coyton Wind Turbine is about 400 metres from Ley Green, one of the highest parts of the  South Hams,  with uninterrupted views over to Dartmoor and to South Devon AONB.  The Turbine will overlook  many surrounding communities including Flete, Holberton, Ermington, Yealmpton as well as towns such Ivybridge. It will be visible from Modbury.

2. The significant visual  impact that the wind turbine will have on the landscape character, effecting the rolling hills of the South Hams. The site is overlooked by Dartmoor National Park, the Erme Valley, Flete Estate  and the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

3. The turbine at 113ft high will break the skyline and introduce a large alien industrial feature in an uninterrupted, rural landscape. The negative impact will be significant given the movement of the blades will draw the viewers attention directly to the turbine.

4. The turbine will have a highly detrimental impact on the Heritage Assets of the area including several grade 2 listed buildings, the grade 1 listed churches and Devon spires of Holberton, Modbury & Ermington, the Grade 1 Flete Estate and the scheduled ancient monument iron age fort at Holbury Camp.
The negative impact will be  ‘permanent’. Fine Energy have applied for plannning permission for 30 years.

5. No lasting community benefit.  This is solely a commercial venture on an industrial scale by Fine Energy .  None of the electricity will feed directly to local homes or farms.

6. No community consultation. Fine Energy have undertaken no consultation in any shape or form with local communities.  The planning submission was registered on the 15th November the day before the government announced their intentions that all  communities must  be consulted.

7. The turbine is very close to a number of homes & farms, the nearest just  300 metres away.   It will have a negative impact on their visual amenity and also for those people using the public footpaths and green lanes which pass close to the site.This includes the Erme Plym trail and from the footpath linking ancient Todimoor directly past the site towards Yealmpton.   There is an additional associated risk for many horses and horse riders.

As people go about their daily lives in and around this part of the South Hams,  people will constantly see it and for some – hear it

8. The site is surrounded by rich habitat. Fine Energy have undertaken no bird survey  and just a bat survey over 2 days in assessing the wind turbine’s impact on the local ecology.  REG in assessing the Ley Green application (approx 400 metres from Coyton)  noted that there were over 40 species of birds in the vicinity including 8 of high conservation value .  The proposed development is likely to fail to protect the natural environment or to conserve or enhance the natural habitat.

9. The cumulative negative impact on the  South Hams of this turbine alongside a large industrial solar sfarm at Luson, both of which will be visible from Modbury, Flete, Yealmpton etc.

10. Access to the site is characterised by small unmarked, winding  roads. Fine Energy have not shown that they can safely deliver 10 metre blades to the site without causing damage to both the local highways or without destroying ancient hedgerows and mature Devon banks.

11.Potential negative impact on the Plymouth radar system. Wind turbines can act as reflectors and can produce radar returns which mask aircraft from the view of radar. Also the rotation of turbine blades paints an image in a similar way to aircraft. The controller needs to treat these false returns as real.

12. Farming is also an important part of our communities. The industrialisation of the landscape we live in and the loss of prime agricultural land is a concern.

The South Hams is popular with walkers, cyclists  and horse riders. Tourism is an important part of our local economy. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the South Hams. It is important that we conserve our landscape for future generations.  By sensitively siting  the right renewables in the right locations  and working with communities we can meet our energy goals and ensure that the environmental & energy needs of the South Hams are both met.

Meeting our energy goals should not be used to justify the wrong development in the wrong location”.

Please care  -– we will only have one chance.

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